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My name is Tatsuya Nakatani, owner of Nakatani-Kobo hand-made bow factory, based in Easton, Pennsylvania, USA. I am a Japanese native. Over the past 20 years, I have been professionally active as a percussionist and sound artist. I tour and perform all over the world. I started to bow percussion instruments in late 1990’s, with commercially available bows. Soon I began bowing intensely and frequently on my Cymbals and Gongs; I needed solid bow of strength for metallic objects like cymbals. After some years of experimenting and playing my original hand-made bows for my music, I see very good results and many benefits.
Now Nakatani-Kobo hand-made bow is available for friends and beyond.

# Kobo = Nakatani-kobo hand made bow

Who is eligible to purchase Kobo?

What? Eligible?

I know this is a strange kind of question that you hear as a customer interested in Kobo. Basically we are trying to narrow down customers a little bit, to find out who is a like-minded friends of ours. We are not interested in sharing with someone who wants to try to steal this idea, or a young strings player just starting to learn and want cheap bows. We try to sell Kobo to a small amount of selected people, who are willing to agree of our ideas and policies. Kobo is a really good bow and it works so well, but there is a down side which is “not for everyone”. Please read carefully our Agreement and make sure that you are happy with all of this. It’s not difficult at all, but sometimes we need to do this with such as a quantity manufacture like Nakatani-Kobo.

We need your AGREEMENT:


We need you to recognize Kobo as ART made by ARTISTS. Not a just bow for you to buy and use on your work. Kobo is all hand-made, we make them one by one by our hands, it takes about 10 to 20+ hours for each bow from scratch to finish.

We are living, surrounded by massive cheap production from Asia and all kinds of online shopping corporations, who ship you a product in a box that you want to buy, anytime anything, if you pay money. But Kobo does not exist in the same world.


If you are looking for different sound than conventional bow on traditional musical instruments, need to bow Gong or percussion, material attached with contact microphones or electronics, guitar, toys, kitchen items or truck bumper or something hard surface. Probably Kobo will give you a good answer.

If you are looking for a nice hand-made piece of ART by an artist. This is also very good reason to get Kobo. Wrapped up Kobo with your love as a Gift someone or display is great too.

If you are just looking for a cheap bow or just bow, please move on to commercially available bows, they probably will do a decent job for you. Bows have hundreds of years of history behind them, sophisticated factories and organized production. You can find conventional Bows all over the world, repair everywhere, cheaper and get quicker.


Kobo has synthetic hair, extremely durable and powerful sound you can make. There is no tensioner and no need to relase hair tension after play, Kobo has alway same tenstion until re-hair. I have quite many experience with Kobo on contra Bass. Whenever I play a concert with Bass player, I ask them to try Kobo on their bass: the sound is very much different than traditional horsehair bows. Thick, louder and light weigh, also Kobo hair is so much stronger than standard one, which meaning you don’t really need to re-hair the Bow. Maybe money to purchase Kobo will covers cost of traditional re-hair money.

You must need to step out of idea of the traditional bow to use Kobo:
Standard sound, length, weight, touch, feel and type of energy. Kobo is standing alone as an experimental tool that can take you out of hundreds of years of traditional sound.

If you are classical percussionist, Kobo is excellent on Vibraphone, Xylophone and Marimba. There is great clear space between hair and body when you press hard on edge of keys. Kobo is just right tool for these instruments.

Small singing bowls. I usually suggest people to get Violin bow which makes higher frequency hit, clear sound than Kobo. I personally use Kobo for small bowls too but this way needs some practice.

Indian instruments. I still never have tried Kobo on them, but I know Kobo will be a super HIT for them. I can’t wait….

NGO Nakatani Gong Orchestra.
Tatsuya Nakatani, myself has 11 piece Bowed Gong Orchestra tours in North America side to side. Bowed Gong is not a traditional music and even an orchestra. I create a bowed long sustained sonic harmonies by Gongs instead of just banging Gongs by mallet as is the traditional way. Kobo is made perfect for Gongs.


It’s hand-made ART. We would love for you to take care of it as your responsibility once you have purchased it. The hard wood is basically forever lifetime. If you take care of it well, maybe your son or daughter can use it, or beyond.

I carry and tour with 4 bows in my percussion case. 2 are new like a few years old, other 2 are over 4 years old, re-hair 4 or 5 times already now and still totally function even 150 shows/year super hard bowing on the edge of cymbals. Previously I broke some bows but usually accidentally I stepped on it and other one was broken inside my case by checked in flight.

If you develop a crack, split, need re-hair or any kind of repair, please ask us.
Do not throw it away!! We can make length shorter, cut new groove if the tip is broken. We can glue together if split or cracked. Of course we can re-hair, also teach you how to do it by yourself. After all the work is done with years as a creative partner, Kobo can be a nice wall object or anything you can imagine for creative project, make key holder or covert it to cool umbrella handle.



Artist made ART is not returnable. Just to be sure you know about purchasing Kobo, it’s ART. You can sell to someone if you are want to, or exchange with someone who want to, as you would like.

No complaining. But we can hear what you would like to say, positive useful information for future use for you and us.

This is a very important policy for us to keep it going. Please remember us as Nakatani-Kobo, we are not typical large manufacture corporation selling something to you.



Kobo is a bow and tool but Artist made ART. We would like to keep going just for you and our art community for now. Kobo helps you, bringing your art to its next level. I hope to you can understand why we stress the Agreement here.
If you are happy and clear about 1 to 5, you are ready to ask us for purchase.

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