-- How to Purchase Kobo --
If you are happy accepting Agreement, almost ready to reach Kobo.

1… The best way is meet Tatsuya Nakatani directly, ask him and bring your instruments and try out, choose the best one, pay by cash. He is touring on the road some times, so there is a chance to see him in the USA. Email him and reserve one.

2… Second best way is, ask your trusted friend near New York area or where Tatsuya will be going to perform, do same, they try out Kobo instead of you, they purchase it, pay cash and they ship to you.

3… Otherwise, ask Tatsuya directly by email, how you are going to use Kobo and he choose one for you, or you choose, paid by credit card, shipping by selected carrier.


-- Price Example --
Each bows price varies depends on how much we worked it and cost of materials, avalage price is about $200-$600
Laminate or special deco $ASK
Refurbished model (discount price) $ASK
Special order $ASK (from beginning to end)
Rush service $ ASK
Engrave $ASK

-- Repair --
Re-Hair $40
Crack, Split and re-shellac finish $0-$ASK

-- Shipping --
USA Domestic shipping $ ASK (within $10)
International shipping $ ASK
Insurance for shipping $ ASK (USA is about $5 covers $300)

* We use Stamps.com shipping prep, there is several different options: speed of shipment and insurance.

-- Payment --
We are based in the USA, we sell Kobo by $ USD.
Cash purchase is the most welcome.But we also accept Paypal and Credit card, I will send you a invoice when you are ready.

-- Consider $ donation for Nakatani Kobo --
We make our Bows because we love making things by our hands basically. But we have to live and work, we need to earn some money to exist. To make decent and enough money to live: we need to sell $2000 per bow. If we sell Bows $2000 each, people can’t afford, people can’t buy it, people can’t bow for their creative project and we can’t make more bows to the world.

We are happy to accept private donations. Money can improve our work situation, better tools and our payment.



After purchased Kobo:

1... Keep playing, everyday for 4 or 5 days, new hair need to be conditioned, it takes some time. .
2... Keep Rosin and keep play, play, play.
3... Consider get hard cease if you think needed.
4... Clean with cloth, treatment as conventional Bow. Specially in summer time.
5... You will be happy :)

Exmple: Ishibashi ($250_Oak_21.5_17.75_96_2014B)
"Ishibashi" is $250
made by Oak wood
Total body length is 21.5"
Hair length is 17.75"
Weight 96g
Made by 2014

Each of Bow has original name by district area in Japan and each bow has own name.
Thank you so much for spending time, Enjoy!!

ORDER NOW: tatsuyanakatani@me.com