Who's using Nakatani Kobo Hand Made Bows?
You can ask them about bows, if you live close or see their gigs ...

William Parker,
Bassist in New York, USA
Once I was received this beautiful bass bow made of Brazillian cherry wood by Tatsuya Nakatani it immediately became my first choice bow. I received it about a year ago and I have not put it down. For my needs it is the perfect bow It responses well to many bowing techniques Jete (bouncing the bow on the strings) tremolos, col legno and many other techniques both subtle and aggressive. In one year I have not lost one strand of bow hair and the spring on the bow is ideal for my style. Beautifully made this bow aesthetically a piece of art. I would highly recommend to any player who is looking for bow that can be made for them.
William (June 28, 2014)

Joshua Abrams, Bassist in Chicago IL
Nakatani's bows are beautifully crafted, light, and can be played with either a French or German approach. I find that on gut strings the bow produces a very focused sound which is able to cut through dense ensemble textures. It is a great instrument for solo and group playing!
-Joshua Abrams

Rachel Hargroder, Percussionist in Denver CO

Rob Cambre, Guitarist in New Orleans LA

Sebastian Gramss, Bassist in Cologne, Germany

Bryan Day, Self built instruments, San Francisco CA

Tatsuya Nakatani, Percussionist bow Gongs and Cymbals, Easton PA

Pascal Neggenkemper , Bassist in New York

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