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photograph of Tatsuya Nakatani's Kobo Bow

My name is Tatsuya Nakatani. I have been an internationally touring percussionist and sound artist for over 20 years. As my own art developed, I needed to move beyond what was commercially available and began developing and crafting my own bows. For over a decade I have been designing and making these Kobo Bows for my own projects and for other artists who need a special tool for their sound.

Please CONTACT ME if you are interested in having a Nakatani Kobo Bow made for you.
To learn more about Kobo Bow, download PDF FAQ.
You can also check out this YOUTUBE VIDEO about the Kobo Bow sound.

*note: The waiting list is approximately two years, but getting shorter now that I have moved into a new shop.

“Once I received this beautiful bass bow made of Brazilian Cherry wood made by Tatsuya Nakatani it immediately became my choice bow. I received it about a year ago and I have not put it down. For my needs, it is the perfect bow. It responds well to many bowing techniques, Jute (bouncing the bow on strings), tremolos, col legno and many other techniques both subtle and aggressive. In one year I have not lost one strand of bow hair and the spring on the bow is ideal for my style. Beautifully made, this bow is a piece of art. I would highly recommend it to any player who is looking for a bow that can be made for them.” William Parker, 2014